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Covalent Cloud API

Welcome to the Covalent Cloud SDK API documentation. This section will guide you through the key functions that our SDK provides.


Account Management

Saves the API key to the config file.

Get the API key to the config file.


Electron decorator to be applied to a function. Returns the wrapper function with the same functionality as _func*.

Bash decorator which wraps a Python function as a Bash Lepton.

Lattice decorator to be called upon a function Returns a new Lattice <covalent._workflow.lattice.Lattice> object.

Instructs Covalent that an electron should wait for some other tasks to complete before it is dispatched.

File Transfer from (source) and to (destination) local or remote files prior/post electron execution. Instances are are provided to files keyword argument in an electron decorator

Functions, shell commands, PyPI packages, and other types of dependencies to be called in an electron’s execution environment

Deps class to encapsulate Bash dependencies for an electron.


The dispatch function takes a Covalent workflow, also called a lattice, and sends it to the Covalent Cloud Server for execution.

Gets the result of a Covalent workflow that has been dispatched to the cloud.

Compute Resources

CloudExecutor represents a configuration for executing a Covalent workflow on the Covalent Cloud.

Execution Environment

Sends the create request to the Covalent Cloud server with the environment dependency list.

Secret Management

Stores a new secret in the Covalent Cloud.

Deletes a specific secret from the Covalent Cloud.

Retrieves a list of all stored secrets in the Covalent Cloud.

Persistent Storage

Creates or retrieves a persistent storage volume in Covalent Cloud.