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Cloud Executor

The CloudExecutor plugin for Covalent Cloud is a testament to the power of abstracted cloud computing

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Dask executor

Executes tasks in a distributed manner using Dask, a flexible library for parallel computing in Python. Ideal for computations that require parallel and distributed processing.

SSH executor

Executes tasks remotely over SSH. It's useful for running tasks on remote servers or clusters where SSH access is available.

Slurm executor

Leverages the Slurm workload manager for scheduling jobs on a single or multiple machines, making it suitable for high-performance computing tasks.

AWS Plugins

A collection of plugins that provide interfaces to various AWS services, enabling users to leverage the power and scalability of AWS for their tasks.

AWS EC2 Executor

Executes tasks on AWS EC2 instances, allowing users to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of EC2 for their computational needs.

AWS Lambda Executor

Executes tasks as serverless functions using AWS Lambda, providing high scalability without the need to manage servers.

AWS Batch Executor

Executes batch processing tasks on AWS Batch, a service designed for high-throughput computing.

GCP Executor

Executes tasks on Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the power and scalability of Google's cloud infrastructure.

Azure Batch Executor

Executes batch processing tasks on Azure Batch, a cloud-based job scheduling service that parallelizes and distributes the processing of large volumes of data across many computers.

AWS ECS Executor

Executes tasks using AWS ECS, a highly scalable, high-performance container orchestration service.

AWS Braket Executor

Executes quantum tasks on AWS Bracket, a fully managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with quantum technology.

Qiskit Executor

Executes quantum tasks using Qiskit Runtime a faster production level framework for leveraging today's IBMQ quantum processors.

IBMQ Executor

Executes quantum tasks on IBM Quantum Experience, a platform that provides public access to a small set of IBM's prototype quantum processors.

AWS Braket Qubit Executor

Executes quantum tasks on AWS Braket Qubit, a quantum computing service that provides access to different quantum hardware technologies in one place.

Local Braket Qubit Executor

Executes quantum tasks on the local Braket quantum circuit simulator, allowing users to simulate quantum circuits on their local machine.

Simulator Executor

Introduces thread- or process-based parallelism to Pennylane circuits that utilize simulation-based devices, providing a way to simulate quantum circuits in parallel.

HPC Executor

PSI/J based plugin to allow Covalent to seamlessly interface with a variety of common high-performance computing job schedulers and pilot systems (e.g Slurm, PBS, LSF, Flux, Cobalt, RADICAL-Pilot)

NERSC Executor

Extension of SLURM Executor to submit jobs to National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center operated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


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